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Makeup Sets

Theatre makeup equipment and make-up kits for small theaters, lay stages, carnival, etc.

Professional make-up equipment

Face Painting Makeup Kit

1x Aqua Paints makeup palette Maskada "12 colors (12 x 3.5 ml each) includes the colors: black - white - silver - gold - blue - blue - red - pink - brown - green - yellow - orange 1x make-up adventure book face painting "- A Guide to Creativity - 51 masks - from cute children's masks to unpleasant contemporaries - Discover face painting" NEW "- High quality picture book - detailed instructions make-up .- 1x polyester glitter silver (8 ml), 2 x Make up sponge

51,25 EUR*

DVD Make-up for the Theatre

Six lessons are designed for classroom instruction with detailed summaries at the conclusin of each: Language: 'English Visually very well explained includes: 1. Basic Corrective Male- 45 min 2- "Old Age Character" - 52 min 3. How to apply a bald cap - 52 min 4. Corrective beatuy for female - 45 min 5. 3-D special effects (figures from wounds, etc.) - 52 min 6. How to lay a crepe wool beard - 52 min and bonus material Produced by Ben Nye, Jr.

49,50 EUR*

Theatre Makeup Equipment

Ideal for small theaters and amateur stage - includes everything you need for basic equipment - 30% cheaper than if bought individually - Theater makeup - Contents: 5 x Cream Foundation, Creme Contour Wheel, Lip Color, Lining Colors, Highlight Schadow, 2x Creme Color Liners, Dry Rouge , Eyebrow Pencil, Lip Pencil, Black Pencil, Nose & Scar Wax. Hair Color, Translucent Face Powder, Spirit Gum, Spirit Gum Remover, Quick Cleanse Remover, Stage Glood, blush brush, Velourpuderquaste, Latexschwamm, Stoppelschwamm, Brush No. 0 and No. 6, eyelash, applicators.

98,50 EUR*

Deluxe 3-D Special Effects Kits - en

This equipment includes all about space, cuts, broken nose, etc. represent realistic. All products in Hollywood quality.

29,20 EUR*

Vampire Kit - en

Includes all about the popular Vampire show. Theatre make-up

19,60 EUR*

Clown Kit - en

The smaller clown make-up facilities for 4-6 Make up's. Theatre make-up

19,60 EUR*

Cat/Lion Kit - en

  Ideal for carnival, musicals and stage shows. Complete equipment for 4-6 Make up  

19,60 EUR*

Old Age Kit

This equipment includes everything for small theaters to women or men "make-up too old". 4-6 applications. Theatre make-up

19,60 EUR*

Witch Kit

This kit includes cream make-up and classic cantilevered instructions. 4-6 applications.

19,60 EUR*

22,90 EUR*

29,20 EUR*

53,90 EUR*

27,80 EUR*

26,70 EUR*

54,90 EUR*

87,90 EUR*

54,95 EUR*
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