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Make up Remover

Make up Remover
8,00 EUR*

9,50 EUR*

Under Make up Base - 60 ml Jar - en b

Moisture Cream - ideal makeup base

9,90 EUR*

Cleansing Cream - 100 ml - en b

The cleansing cream is designed with camouflage make-up for gentle, thorough cleaning.

10,00 EUR*

Lip Care Balsam - 4 g - en b

Mysteriously, talking, seductive. Our lips fascinate and over again. Our sensitive lips. Trained as mucous membranes, they need special care and protection. LIP CARE balm combines both: Its base and additives to protect against wind, weather, sun and dehydration. The exquisite ingredients to the lips important Feuchtigkeitsregulativ and more. A cocktail of vitamins, Phytosterols and shea butter brings the anti-aging effect on the lips. And rough lips regain their natural smoothness. You feel it yourself

14,80 EUR*

Moisturizer Day Cream - 30 ml - en b

Wind, weather, sun, oxidative environmental stress, dry rooms: put all of your skin can cause a moisture deficit. First signs: Your skin becomes increasingly rough and brittle, feels not so pleasant smooth. This must not be. Indulge her with a moisturizing MOISTURIZER DAY CREAM aid and stimulant for dry skin. The multi active ingredients of this cream are specifically focuses on providing your skin the essential moisture balance and functional deficits. Moreover, the vote Hydratisierungsbalance of skin on your personal potential. More moisture means more skin elasticity and resilience and is secondary to an anti-aging effect linked: Lower or less wrinkles. You literally feel like the moisture of the cream goes to your skin, how the balance NMF (Natural Moisture Factor) regulated in your skin again. You remember, others can see, your skin will be smooth and supple.

18,00 EUR*

Collagen Repair Cream - 30 ml - b en

Help her with COLLAGEN REPAIR CREAM, the balm for your sensitive skin. It contains the marine collagen, collagen III, which can compensate for a deficit in several ways:

18,00 EUR*

Eye Cream - 15 ml - b en

It is always in the spotlight: The eye, and with it the most sensitive, delicate eye area. Here, with the extremely thin layers of skin, can show up early on the first fine lines and wrinkles to grow. Maintain why this particular region with a dedicated mini-developed product from Kryolan research. Create an instant your eye on Private Care EYE CREAM. This innovative and specific to the effective care around the eye is actively supporting the Bioregulation of the delicate skin area and is able to delay first wrinkles, but available to mitigate significant. The ingredients Rona Care VTA, Aroleat, and the microalgae Chlorella protect and strengthen the body's own hyaluronic acid that is closely associated with the collagen synthesis. D-panthenol, vitamin E acetate and squalane retain or improve the skin's moisture status. All bring together an anti-aging effect and stand for the well being of your skin. Feel and see it for yourself

19,90 EUR*

Ultra Under Base - 60 ml Dose - Kryolan - en b

  Die Under Base ist die ideale Grundlage vor dem Camouflage Make up. Under the Base is the ideal basis before the camouflage make-up The durability of the make-up is enhanced by a synergistic effect. Under Base is also ideal to dilute the camouflage. Under Base and camouflage easily with a spatula or brush mixed together.  

19,90 EUR*

Cleansing Milk Plus - 250 ml - b - en

We want and will always look good. Whether at work or at home. Help make-up preparations. To remove it, but at the same time maintain the skin effect, the mild CLEANSING MILK plus was developed. Use it to clean your skin deep down gently so that it can breathe again strong and take care of them at once. The bio-chamomile extract, extracts of calendula and aloe vera and avocado oil, supported by vitamin E, which act during the soothing makeup removal and hautstärkend. After removing the make-up you feel like your skin is clean and relaxed.

27,50 EUR*

Moisturizing Gel - 50 ml Dispenser - en b

You can feel how dry and rough, your skin will feel? Then, it lacks much moisture. You pay for your skin so a good portion Moisturizing Gel Remember how your skin absorbs the harmonic hydration, how well you are doing the new refreshing gel?

35,00 EUR*
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