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Casting - Molding

Casting - Molding

Mask-Special Products for mask making in Film - Theatre

33,50 EUR*

DVD Makeup for the Theatre

Six lessons are designed for classroom instruction with detailed summaries at the conclusin of each: Language: 'English Visually very well explained includes: 1. Basic Corrective Male- 45 min 2- "Old Age Character" - 52 min 3. How to apply a bald cap - 52 min 4. Corrective beatuy for female - 45 min 5. 3-D special effects (figures from wounds, etc.) - 52 min 6. How to lay a crepe wool beard - 52 min and bonus material Produced by Ben Nye, Jr.

49,50 EUR*

Super Sculpey 453 gr

Modeling mass for sculptural design of the masks motives -

39,85 EUR*

19,80 EUR*

Modeling Spatula - Set of 3

Metal Spatula Modeling to the sculptural form of the modeling.    

25,50 EUR*

Modeling Tools

  CARVER SET 8 pieces with various tools for modeling work in mold or other make-up artists artworks.

19,90 EUR*

Skin Silicone - 1kg

For casting parts (prints) - For the manufacture of molds and negatives. - Also for the positive production (pour into a mold) of the highest quality and purity. - Suitable for direct application to the skin

99,80 EUR*

Silicone MF is a particularly carefully Drawing 2-component impression means for direct application to the skin . With silicone MF can be excellent , very accurate casts of the face and body make .

108,00 EUR*

27,50 EUR*

18,00 EUR*

Mold Release Spray 400 ml

Mold Release Spray is a separator in spray form, for a great variety of uses.

16,20 EUR*

Release Agents "Allround" - 110g

This release agent is wax-based and particularly suitable for the separation of silicon to silicone, latex, in Firefox, etc.

10,70 EUR*

Silicone thickener

Powdery Thickening of silicone .

16,80 EUR*


By addition of silicone oil Silicone can be made softer and more pliable , for example in the positive - production .

18,85 EUR*

Molding Hard Plaster - 1kg

1kg Hard types of plaster for the mold

9,90 EUR*

Siegeler 30 ml en

30 ml bottle with brush Sealing lacquer for the isolation of plastic materials and transitions.

6,90 EUR*

Siegeler 100 ml en

100 ml bottle with brush Sealing lacquer for the isolation of plastic materials and transitions.

10,50 EUR*

FX Gelatin / Wound Gel 50 ml

To produce realistic facial and mask parts

8,90 EUR*

FX Gelatin / Wound Gel 100ml

To produce realistic facial and mask parts

16,80 EUR*

Skinning Resources H2O - 100ml

  For the production of artificial skin, wounds, burns, etc. - Water-based freed of solvent

11,80 EUR*

Gela-Foam - 300ml

  Gel-like foam material for the manufacture of flexible, soft facial parts -  s imple processing: Heat - in the form of casting - cool - powdering  

49,90 EUR*

Silicon Color 20 ml

For mixing with silicon and coloring.

11,90 EUR*

28,50 EUR*


For the production of facial prostheses or similar parts in very soft material consistency .

117,50 EUR*

Foam SF-2 Components - 0,5l Set

Two components - 0.5 liter unit including release agents for polyurethane foam - for easy production of foams

57,50 EUR*

2 Components Flexible Foam - 1300ml

Foam latex - 1300 ml - Consisting of 1000 ml Component A - 300 ml Component B (activator) - a highly elastic foam for the manufacture of face masks, some masks, like ears, horns and noses up to larger Positivteilen (homogeneous surface) . Setting time min depending on size 15 - 25.

99,80 EUR*

MaskOn Special Glue - 25ml

An adhesive which remains sticky for several minutes after application. - For direct application to the skin (not mucosa). Suitable for foam latex, latex, wool crepe, etc. Lets face removed with water, multi-cleaner or soap

9,80 EUR*

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